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Free Surf is an organization that has as its objective the teaching and promotion of open air activities , specifically water sports. the centre is situated on the north coast of Vieste , best identified by the bay of santa Maria di merino. inside the holiday villages of spiaggia lunga and capo Vieste there are also readily available restaurant and hospitality services.

The surf centers are easily accessible by the public, including those not staying in the holiday villages. They are a focal point for anyone who wants to learn, improve and train in the disciplines of Windsurf, Kitesurf, Wingfoil, S.U.P., Surf and Catamaran. The staff are professional, and utilize the latest and most innovative methodologies.

We have developed an approach that leads to fast results and a quick grasp of the sport in a narrow time period. The favorable meteorological conditions of the area unite with the geo-formation of the landscape to provide the ideal climate for water sports.


Personalized Lessons

Group lessons, private lessons and surfcamp

You can join our courses in group or in private lessons, all include equipment rental. A safety boat is always on hand.

Safety First

Your Safety, Your Fun

Free surf considers the safety and the wellbeing of the guests and pupils the predominant factor in all offered activities.

Shop & rent

Best equipment at your disposal

At our centres, other than surf lessons we also offer equipment rental, canoes and pedalboat rental. you can also rent storage space if bringing your own equipment on holiday. buy a surfing memento in our surf shop.

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Our Courses

Kitesurf Courses

The bay is sited in a perfect spot for our rookies that can progress in total safety while experiencing both costant and thermal winds blowing from north and south. First approach to the sport start in a knee level water bay, perfect for those who want to learn or train. Safety boats are always ready to assist and support students for any kind of emergency or support.

Windsurf Courses

The bay is sited in a perfect spot for our rookies that can progress in total safety while experiencing both costant and thermal winds blowing from north and south. Our instructors are qualified in each teaching level: from children at beginners level to adults. the light and easily maneuverable equipment enables our pupils to quickly grasp and perfect the practicalities of windsurfing.

Wingfoil Courses

After the advent of windsurfing and kitesurfing, wing foiling is the new frontier of water sports.

It combines the best characteristics of these three disciplines including the ease of transporting the equipment, the adrenaline, the feeling of freedom and above all the fun.

The bay is sited in a perfect spot for our rookies that can progress in total safety while experiencing both costant and thermal winds blowing from north and south.

Our bay is especially suitable for beginners as the water reaches up to your waist and the thermal wind is ideal. The training takes place in a safe environment.

Surf / S.U.P. Courses

Aside from the various boat companies offering tours of the coastal marine caves of gargano, one can enjoy the sunset and experience them in a different way – on a stand up paddle board. the sport is easy to grasp and highly enjoyable. winds like the tramontana create ideal waves to surf one can have a pleasurable surf session.

Kat Courses

We also have a top cat always ready for hire or for a course with our qualified instructors to learn how to make the most of this fun and safe boat.

Safety and Professionality

All our instructors have vdws a FIV qualification, we utilise the latest equipment and teach to all ages. Instruction is available in italian, english, german and french.

Brands & Partneships

Licence VDWS

VDWS Safety Tool Insurance

Complete coverage for the following sports:
windsurf, kite surf, snow kite and sailing.
Costs / 1 year: € 39,00
Maximum coverage 2.000.000 for personal damage/damage to properties.

Accidental damage (damage to rental equipment). Covers the damage or destruction of windsurf/kitesurf/snowkite, sailboat/catamaran equipment which have either been rented or made available as part of a tourism package.

The insurance coverage is equivalent to 1.500 annually .Excludes coverage for malicious damage.

Excess in each instance: kitesurf/windsurf €50, sails €100.

Civic responsability coverage (damage to a third party): Maximum coverage 2.000.000. for personal damage/damage to property.

It insures, in accordance with, and subject to, the general conditions of insurance regarding civic responsibility (AHB) and offers compensation in the event of accidents. The insurance covers in accordance with, and subject to, the general and written insurance conditions regarding accidents.(AUB 2000) : all accidents as a result of the use of sailboats ( including lifeboats up to 15 KW), or windsurf/kitesurf/snowkite equipment.

16.000€ disability (children 21.000€)
3.000 € in the event of death
5.000€ recovery costs/ rescue
6€ a day for general hospital costs + recovery
2.500€ and help care.

Here below you can find all the informations concerning VDWS insurance:
INSURANCE GENERAL TERMS: Safety Tool Insurance Conditions.

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